Manchester Hill Challenge

Medal Challenge: Victoria Cross


Lieutenant Colonel Wilfrith Elstob was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

"For most conspicuous bravery, devotion to duty and self-sacrifice during operations at Manchester Redoubt, near St. Quentin, on the 21st March, 1918. "

The Challenge

This is a three part challenge.

  1. Finding out about why Elstob was awarded the Victoria Cross.

  2.  Researching the Victoria Cross- its design and history.

  3.  Designing or making your own medal to commemorate Elstob's bravery.

How do I do this:

  1. Use the resources on the Explorers website, internet and books to find out what Lieutenant Colonel Elstob did in the battle to be awarded the V.C.  When and how was it announced?  Who presented the medal and to whom was it presented?
    When you have done your research you can choose how you want to present
    your research. Will you use IT, writing or drawing?

  2. Find out about the design of the V.C. - what is it made from? What shape is it? What is on the front and back? What is written on it?  What colour is the ribbon?

  3. Find out about the history of the V.C. - when was it first awarded and why? Then you could draw and label a V.C. or even make one!

  4. Now that you have found out about Elstob's bravery and the Victoria Cross why not have a go at designing/making your own medal to commemorate the bravery of Elstob or another soldier in the battle on Manchester Hill.

  5. Think about the shape, colour and designs on the faces of the medal. What would you call your medal? How would it be worn?

Suggested places to find this information:    

Consult the Manchester Hill Resource section on this website or use other information you have discovered.

Suggested  resources and useful websites:{Person identity}={Elstob, W}) Hill.htm

Victoria Cross: