Manchester Hill Challenge



We remember people who have died in different ways. For those who died in a war we often wear poppies on Remembrance Day. The dead are also remembered on war memorials where they died and on war memorials in their own towns. Special services are also held.

Find out where and how some of the soldiers of the Manchester Regiment who were killed on 21st March 1918 are remembered. Then create your way of remembering one of the men. You may decide to produce a poster/certificate or you may decide on another way.

Try to include:

  • where he is remembered

  • who remembered him at the time of his death (the names of his family)

  • your own ideas on remembering him

How do I do this:

Firstly look at the different resources about how the men were commemorated at the time such as church services and war memorials.

Also, look at the photographs of the Pozieres memorial and also at the local war memorials on the Manchester and Lancashire Famiy History Society website.

Finally, think also about the different ways that people who have died are remembered today, for example, memorial benches, planting trees, giving flowers and writing poems.

When you have gathered your ideas together choose one soldier from the list on the Manchester Hill Resource section on this website.

Then design your own poster or certificate of remembrance for one of the men.

You may, if you like, think of another way to remember him.

Suggested places to find this information:    

The men of the 16th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment are remembered on the Pozieres War Memorial in France. A full list of the men can be found in the Resources section. Each man is recorded on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. Look at the entry for William Thompson and download the Commemorative certificate to give you some ideas for your poster/certificate., WILLIAM

Look also at some different war memorials on the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society

There may be a war memorial near you that you could also look at.

Suggested  resources and useful websites: