Manchester Hill Challenge

Time Capsule


Wikipedia describes a “time capsule” as a historic collection of goods or information, usually intended as a means of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians.  Can you put together a time capsule of information about a member of the 16th Battalion Manchester Regiment who fought at Manchester Hill that could give a picture of their life?

How do I do this:

Select  a name from the list below:

  1. Lt. Colonel Wilfrith Elstob VC DSO MC, “Fanshawe”, Chelford, Cheshire

  2. Captain Edward Neville Ashe MC, “The Coppice”, Hale, Cheshire 

  3. Captain and Adjutant Norman Sharples, 7, Palatine Ave, Withington, Manchester

  4. Pte 11543 Tom Fitton MM, 298 Bury New Rd, Whitefield, Manchester

  5. L/Corporal 29617 William Thompson MM, 4 Nova Scotia St, Failsworth, Mcr

  6. L/Sgt 40861 Frank Snowdin DCM, 87 Moorgate, Retford, Nottinghamshire

  7. Sgt 6630 Archer Hoye, 214 Radnor St Hulme, Manchester

Think about the historical period in time which in which they lived:

  • Victorian era (1837-1900)

  • World War I (1914-1918)

Start by decorating a large size envelope (bigger than a standard DL size envelope) Include your chosen soldiers name in the design. Be creative.

Research your chosen man - including his family, the place he was from, his life in the Army. What was happening locally, nationally or even globally during his lifetime?

Design a birth announcement or perhaps a wedding invitation, or maybe something else using information you have found during your research.

What type of clothing or uniform might he have worn? Perhaps you could draw this    or copy a picture of popular fashion from the time. Get a costume history book from the library or look on the internet.

What money was in use?  Draw or print out pictures of the money from that period and include examples of these in your time capsule.

Can you think of anything else to include in your time capsule?

  • food

  • games

  •  songs or music

Suggested places to find this information:    

Consult the Manchester Hill Resource section or use other information you have discovered.  Use books and internet sources to learn what life was like during the lifetime of the man you have chosen. Go to your library or local studies library and consult historic newspapers, directories or books. Access genealogical websites like Ancestry or Findmypast at your local library.

Suggested  resources and useful websites: