Bronze Challenge
Ancestor Fact File

Challenge: Complete an Ancestor Fact File for at least one member of your family

How do I do this: Click Here to get a blank fact file page which you can print (opens in a new window)

Look at the information that you have gathered from your family tree. Can you find some of the information there? If not go back to your source information to look for any answers or clues.

Suggested places to find this information: Look for clues in the family tree that you have put together. Double check any documents that your family has. This may include birth, marriage and death certificates, a family bible, old letters, or even newspaper cuttings. Speak to older members of your family. Can they remember any events that happened during their lifetime? Use the suggested resources & websites below and look for some of the dates that you have found for your family members. Have you discovered any interesting facts about them?

Once you have collected your information, write it onto an Ancestor Fact File page. Keep these pages safe so that you can begin to gather a collection of information on your family.

Suggested Resources: Use the Explorer Timeline to help you find dates of historical events

Useful Websites:

Can you now fill out your Ancestor Fact File page? Either draw or photocopy & stick a picture of your ancestor into the picture frame.