Bronze Challenges

Research Challenges: To learn more about your family and it’s history. Search for clues in letters, diaries, photographs, family bible, speak to your parents and grandparents. Use online information & resources.
  • Family Tree (3 generations) - You, your parents, your grandparents - Click here
    Create a family tree either on an A4 page, poster, or even electronically
  • Ancestor Fact File Page - Click here
    Find out a bit more about a chosen ancestor. Fill out at least one Ancestor Fact File based on your findings from your family tree.
  • Map Challenge – local map - Click here
    Can you look at details from this map from 1893 of Low Moor, Clitheroe and find the various locations. Can you make a map of your own?
  • Find out about the history of your name - Click here
    Find out more about the history of your name. Are you named after a family member? Discover details about your surname. Write-up what you found out.
  • How did your community get its name? - Click here
    Did you ever wonder how your community or street where you live got its name? Investigate this and write up your conclusions. If possible include some photographs or drawings.
  • Keep a journal or Scrapbook - Click here
    Create history. Write down some information about yourself, things you do and enjoy, where you live & go to school, information on your family or pets. Record things that have been happening recently.
  • Research a family keepsake (for example a plate) - Click here
    Photograph the item, write a story about how the object got into your family or the person who brought it into the family. Perhaps you could also find out a bit about the history of that object.

Suggested Resources: Use the Explorer “How to get Started page” for hints

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