Bronze Challenge
Family Tree - 3 Generations

Challenge: Draw a 3 generation Family tree

How do I do this: Start by writing down everything you know about your family. This includes yourself, any brothers & sisters, your Mum & Dad and so on. When you begin to write down all your information donít forget to include as many dates & places as possible. So, for example what is your full name? Where and when were you born? Can you do this for all your family members? You will need to verify any information that you have been told Ė sometimes people donít remember the exact information and can get mixed-up. Also, sometimes people use a nick-name rather than the name given to them when they were born. For example: Uncle Jack may really be called John. Put their proper names on your family tree, you could also mark in brackets ( ) any nick-name.

Suggested places to find this information: Look for clues in any documents that your family may have birth, marriage and death certificates, a family bible, old letters, or even newspaper cuttings. Talk to older members of your family. Any of these sources may be able to provide you with important clues to your family history. Once you have gathered your information you will need to write it all down. We usually do this in the form of a family tree.

Suggested resources and useful websites:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Can you now draw a family tree which includes yourself, your parents and your grandparents including dates based on all the information that you have gathered together?