Bronze Challenge
Keep a Journal or Scrapbook

Challenge: Create history. Write down some information about yourself, things you do and enjoy, where you live & go to school, information on your family or pets, record things that have been happening recently. Can you think of anything else to add? Keep your journal or scrapbook for a set period of time. Include some photographs or drawings. If keeping a scrapbook you may like to add things you have collected that mean something to you. For example: tickets to an event, pictures from a magazine, a poem you have written or was perhaps given to you?

How do I do this: Either write up your information on separate sheets of paper or write the information directly into a diary or journal. If your journal pages have been written on separate sheets of paper add this to the information you are collecting about your family. If keeping a scrapbook make sure your paper is sturdy enough to glue down any keepsakes. You could, if you like keep a digital scrapbook. Remember to ask an adult for permission before doing anything online.

Suggested places to find this information: Look online or in books to find out tips on how to keep a journal,diary or scrapbook

Suggested resources and useful websites:

Start today! Write in your journal or begin your scrapbook for a set period of time.