Gold Challenge
Timeline of events

Challenge: How did local events, national events and global events affect your ancestors? Did events of the day determine what their job was, where they lived or even who they married. How does your ancestor(s) fit into the events they lived through? Think about what was happening during their lifetime. What can you discover? Present what you have found as a timeline either drawn, written or in electronic form or a Mind Map (for examples see Suggested resources and useful websites)

How do I do this: Look at your family tree and select an ancestor. Is there a particular member of your family that really interests you? Research information from the internet, books or old newspapers to find out additional information for your timeline or mind map.

Suggested places to find this information: Start by using your family tree. Use resources you may have access to at home. Visit the local studies library using resources there especially the old newspaper collection to find out more information.

Suggested resources and useful websites:

Click here for a mind map template

Keep the original safe.