Gold Challenges

Research Challenges: To become more familiar with the resources that are available and the skills required in order to trace your family history. Use traditional methods combined with online/new technology in order to record family history.

  • Family Tree Click here
    Go for Gold! Expand your research and try using resources that you have not looked at before. Put your family tree information into an electronic format using a computer based programme such as Legacy (or similar) .
  • Census Challenge Click Here
    Use the census to locate your ancestors. Can you select a member of your family and try to trace them through the various census returns in the same manner as the Silver Census challenge?
  • Powerpoint Challenge Click here
    Use Powerpoint (or a similar program) to create a presentation based on your family history research. Or you may prefer to create a Digital scrapbook of your family history research.
  • History of your House (Part 1) (or that of an Ancestor) Click here
    Explore the history of your house. Look very carefully at the build style of your house in order to look for clues. Examine where it is located. Use your local studies library & archives to find documents related to your chosen house, building or plot of land the house was built on in order to find out about it’s past.
  • History of your House (Part 2) Click here
    The people who previously lived in your house are an integral part of it’s history. Can you find out more about who used to live in your house?
  • Timeline of events Click here
    Your family, local events, national events & global events. How do your ancestor(s) fit into the events they lived through? Create a timeline or mind map with this information.
  • Heraldry Challenge Click here
    Learn a bit about heraldry and then create your own coat of arms.
  • Oral History Click here
    Put together a series of questions and interview either an older member of your family or a subject of your choice.
  • Create a “Glogster” Click here
    A “Glogster” is an interactive poster loaded with text, graphics, music, videos, and more. Can you create one based on your family history to date.
  • Pinterest challenge Click here
    Put together a Pinterest file with interesting family history “pins”.
  • Scavenger hunt Click here
    Can you devise a scavenger hunt to do with one of your own relatives or a historical figure from Manchester?

As with all use of the Internet please double check with your parent or guardian that they are happy for you post information on the internet. Be sure to check your privacy settings when posting information. NEVER post personal details about yourself or living people.

Useful Resources for Gold Challenges: