Silver Challenge
Blue Plaque

Challenge: A programme of commemorative plaques was started to identify and celebrate buildings and locations associated with famous people, places and historic or important events in the city. The Blue Plaques Scheme recognises individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of science, medicine, innovation, business, literature, arts and media in and around Manchester. Blue Plaques are erected on buildings where great figures of the past have lived or worked. Select one of the many blue plaques in Manchester and investigate the person further. Can you tell us where the plaque is and further details about that person. Please include a photograph or image of the plaque. If you had to design a blue plaque for a member of your family where would you place it and what would it say?

How do I do this: Use the suggested website to find a person or use a plaque that you have seen and know of. Can you find out further information about the person by looking at census enumerations or from information found in old newspapers? Are there any other sources that you could try?

Suggested places to find this information: Consult books and internet sources. Use library resources.

Suggested resources and useful websites: 

Can you now put together your research document.