Silver Challenges

Research Challenges - Continue to develop your research and organisational skills. Expand your awareness of your family heritage.

  • Family Tree - Click here
    Expand your research with a 4 or 5 generation chart. Look at online resources and/or go to your Local Studies Library to discover further information about your ancestors.
  • Create an Ancestral Time Capsule - Click here
    Put together a “time capsule” of information about a chosen ancestor or historical figure. Send it to us at Clayton House.
  • Palaeography fun - Click here
    Looking at old handwriting can be really interesting. Have a look at The National Archives website. They have a special section dedicated to this topic. We also have a special challenge for you to complete.
  • Start a tradition - Click here
    Create a recipe book with recipes handed down in your family. Contact family members and ask them to share their fave recipes with you in order to add to your collection.
  • Interview Challenge - Click here
    Conduct an interview with an older member of your family or a member of the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society. Create a booklet of their life.
  • Blue Plaque Challenge - Click here
    Select one of the many blue plaques in Manchester (or place where you live) that commemorate and celebrate a local person. Can you tell us something about them and their family history? If you had to design a blue plaque for a member of your family where would it be placed and what would it say?
  • Maps of our lives - Click here
    Can you put together a map showing all the places that your ancestors lived? They may have been immigrants and travelled a long way from their original homeland however, they may have only travelled a fairly short distance. Find the relevant maps and mark out where these family members lived.
  • Build a timeline for one of your Ancestors - Click here
    Choose one of your ancestors and build a timeline using the Timeline Generator or draw your own. Use birth, marriage & death information. Include some important events that occurred during their lifetime to achieve this.
  • Census Challenge - Click here
    Let’s look at the Census! Find out what a census is and how to use it. Complete a set challenge.

Useful Resources for Silver Challenges: