Silver Challenge
Start a tradition: Create a recipe book

Challenge: Start a tradition and create a recipe book with favourites recipes from your family. They can be new recipes or recipes that have been handed down in your family or a combination of both! These recipes will show just what your family enjoys eating. What is your favourite meal that Mum or Dad makes you? Your family choices may indicate regional tastes or just personal preferences. Is there a story to go along with the recipe about who or where this recipe came from? Can you write or type up these recipes or ask for copies from family members and then put them together into a collection or booklet. Perhaps you could add any drawings or photos of the dishes? Or you could include a photo or drawing of the person who gave you the recipe.

How do I do this: Contact family members and ask them to share their favourites recipes with you in order to compile a recipe collection. Ask your parents, grandparents or adults in your family for their favourites.

Suggested places to find this information: Consult members of your family

Suggested resources and useful websites: (Search term: food)

Can you now put together all of your collected recipes. Keep them safe.