Silver Challenge
Map of our lives

Challenge: Can you put together a map showing places that were important in your Ancestor(s) lives? They may have been immigrants and travelled a long way from their original homeland or, they may have lived in the same area for centuries and only travelled a fairly short distance. Maps can be very helpful for many reasons. You can see where people lived, went to school, worked or attended church. Sometimes it is helpful to understand where family members lived or moved to/from in order to discover more about your family. This challenge can be approached in several ways:

  • Find the relevant map(s) and then make your own map marking out where these family members lived.
  • You may prefer to work with a copy of an original map and mark important places to do with your Ancestor(s) in a more local area.
  • Or you may like to work on a larger scale map and mark the places where family members came from originally and moved to or from. This may include more people or a larger variety of places but less specific in what you are showing.

Click here to see two basic examples

How do I do this: Either draw, print out, scan/copy & paste or photocopy the relevant map(s). Mark on the map the various location that relate to the lives of your ancestor(s). The locations will have been found from information in your family tree. For example: a census return or birth, marriage or death certificate. You may like to mark the location of an ancestors home, school, church or place of work. Can you also include a key so others can understand the information you have marked on your map. Suggested places to find this information: Go to your local studies library to look at the maps they have or use online maps. Do you have an atlas at home or does your family have any maps that you may be able to look at to find the information?

Suggested resources and useful websites: