Silver Challenge
Family Tree (4-5 generations)

Challenge: Expand your research with a 4 or 5 generation chart. Look at online resources and/or go to your Local Studies Library to discover what records they may assist your search for information about your ancestors. As before your tree can be drawn or written. You can, if you prefer continue your tree using the same method as your Bronze Family Tree or try filling in a ready made chart here.

How do I do this: Carry on your investigations into your family by using information from your Bronze Challenge family tree. Select a person in your tree which you would like to continue to investigate. You should now be ready to try and look at information found from online sources or information found at your local studies library. For example : the census, parish records, birth, marriage or death indexes, World War I or World War II records. To do this we use companies like Find my Past and/or Ancestry. Both are genealogical data companies that contain huge amounts of material which you can use to trace your ancestors. They are made up of thousands of smaller databases such as:

  • Census enumerations (records)
  • Birth, death and marriage indexes
  • Parish (church) records
  • Immigration records
  • Military records

Information varies from company to company. Ancestry also includes record collections from America, Canada, Europe and Australia. Companies like Find my Past and Ancestry can be accessed at Central Library, Manchester free of charge. If you access any of these sites from elsewhere they will be pay-per-view. There are other companies that you can use, please see the list of “Suggested resources and useful websites” which may also be helpful to you.

Once you have gathered more information add it to your growing family tree. Note: It is important to write down and record where you found your information in case you need to look to up again. It also helps to prove (verify) the information you have gathered is correct. If your information has been found online this will be the website and the document reference number or if using a microfilm it will be the item number on the box.

You can record the information on a sheet like these:

Suggested places to find this information: Visit your local studies library for books, microfilmed documents and use of online resources. Try your local archives for access to any original documents.

Suggested resources and useful websites:

Can you now expand your current family tree which includes yourself, your parents and your grandparents (3 generations) and increase it to a 4 or 5 generation tree.